Turn Key HP Z8 G4 Workstation for Autodesk Flame

Video production companies rely on Autodesk Flame for compositing, visual effects, and editorial finishing. Unlike other video production applications, Flame runs only on Linux… specifically Autodesk's customized version of CentOS. Given Superworkstations' commitment to the video production industry, we have mastered the process of creating a turn-key Autodesk Flame workstations.

When you purchase a Autodesk Flame workstation from us, you can simply unbox your system and begin your work right away. No need for system administrators, complicated license management, cryptic commands in the terminal or messing with drivers.

Flame Install Procedure

  1. BIOS configuration using Autodesk's Certified BIOS configuration file
  2. Linux OS installation using Autodesk's customized distribution of CentOS 7.6
  3. DKU (Driver Kernel Utility) installation, providing automatic configuration for certified graphics cards, utility software and OS settings
  4. Network License Manager installation for environments not using a floating license server; automatic license server startup on system boot
  5. RAID configuration for Flame media storage and auto-mounting on system boot (upon request)
  6. Flame 2020 installation with necessary folder and file permissions for proper function; configuration of Flame settings to use RAID array for media storage
  7. Windows OS installation for seamless dual booting (upon request)
Turn Key HP Z8 G4 Workstation for Autodesk Flame

Crafty Apes

Superworkstations provided Crafty Apes, a full-service visual effects company, with certified HP Z8 G4 Workstations for Flame and on-site installation utilizing their internal floating point license and custom Windows image for dual boot capability.

Portal One

PortalOne is a hybrid games company that reached out to Superworkstations for Autodesk Flame workstations. Superworkstations configured multiple HP Z8 G4 workstations for PortalOne under their licenses and provided rushed international shipping to meet an upcoming project kickoff date.

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New: Purchased new from the manufacturer or authorized distribution. Package opened for customization process and testing. Ships in original retail manufacturer packaging.

Refurbished: Pulled from corporate environment in working condition. Tested upon arrival at our location and also after customization. Cosmetically grade A or B. Overall in good condition, but could have light scratches / scuffs. Ships in double-wall brown box with durable packaging material.